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Prytaneion Lodge Nº 9340
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Aut Si Quid Est in Vita in Aeternum ResonatWhat we do in life, echoes in Eternity

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Mentee Log

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Mentee Log
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Mr Philip Griffiths

Mentor: W Bro Nigel Chamberlain

Initiated: march 2020

Current Level: Successfully Balloted for - Initiation: March 2020

NB: Due to the pandemic, to be re-balloted in September '21, Initiation: November '21.

Office: Not eligible.

Bro Will Catchpole

Mentor: Bro Bryan Stanislas / W Bro Alan Otton

Initiated: Nov 2019 - 2º due in March 2020

Current Level: EA

Office: Steward 2021

Bro Bryan Stanislas

Mentor: W Bro Chris Bayliss / W Bro Alan Otton

Initiated: January 2018

Current Level: MM

Office: IG 2019/20, JD 2021.

Bro Michael Targett - W Bro Malcolm Collier in touch

Mentor: W Bro Bob Patience

Initiated: November 2017

Current Level: MM

Office: Steward 2019/20, 2021

Bro Chris Andrews

Mentor: W Bro Alan Otton

Initiated: March 2017

Current Level: MM

Current Office: Steward 2019/20, 2021

Created by Alan Otton, ProvDepGReg
Province of Hampshire & Isle Of Wight
The Prytaneion Lodge operates under the auspices of the Province of Hampshire & Isle of Wight.
United Grand Lodge of England
The Prytaneion Lodge is number 9340 in the register of the Grand Lodge of England.
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