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Aut Si Quid Est in Vita in Aeternum ResonatWhat we do in life, echoes in Eternity

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New Candidates

Every person wishing to join the lodge whether as an Initiate, a Joining Member or a Re-Joining Member is subject to the same procedure in that their details must be circulated to all members prior to a Form P being issued.

Download a copy of this form, fill it in and send it in to the Secretary either attached to an email if you used the 'fillable' form or by post if completed long-hand. The form MUST be with the Secretary at least 14 days before the meeting at which the Candidate is to be proposed.

Click 'Download' pop-out button and in the next window, click 'Open Original' to print the form. If you open the form by clicking the 'Google Docs' button, you can fill it in online and then save it or email it to the secretary but please note that under the new Data Protection legislation, you must not keep the form but you must delete it immediately after you have used it as indeed the secretary has to.
Created by Alan Otton, ProvDepGReg
Province of Hampshire & Isle Of Wight
The Prytaneion Lodge operates under the auspices of the Province of Hampshire & Isle of Wight.
United Grand Lodge of England
The Prytaneion Lodge is number 9340 in the register of the Grand Lodge of England.
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