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Tylers Guide

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A Guide for the Prytaneion Lodge Tyler
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At least one week before the meeting, ensure you have received the summons and read it carefully, making sure that you have noted:
  • The correct date and start time of the meeting (It has been known for the Lodge to change the date or time and not inform the Tyler)
  • The work for the meeting   e.g. ceremony, lecture etc.

The night of the meeting
Ensure you arrive at the meeting room well before the start time. This will allow you to set up the Tyler’s Room. This way, items should not be missed.
Brethren, old and new, have a habit of asking you questions. If you are still setting up, this is when things can get forgotten. If you are set up before the Brethren arrive, you can then give them your full attention, making sure that they all sign the Attendance book before entering the Lodge room (this is be part of the Fire Routine of the Lodge)
You may have to provide items of clothing, regalia etc. It is not unknown to be asked for everything from gloves to jackets.
Ensure that Lodge Officers are wearing their correct collars. If a Brother has more than one office suggest that he wears just the senior collar.
A good way to ensure that the correct collars are with the right Officer is to place the collars on the back of their chairs in the Lodge room.
(There are no guarantees that this will work!)
Check all 3 candles Make sure the bulbs are working.
Are the Candle Columns in the right place? The lonic - (scroll) - WM Pedestal, Doric - (plain) - SW Pedestal, Corinthian (Acanthus leaves) - JW Pedestal.
Are the Tracing Boards against the JW Pedestal and in the right order?
On the WM pedestal - The VSL, Cushion, Square & Compasses, up to date B.O.C., By-Laws (Provincial & Lodge). Ensure the VSL can be read by the WM and that the points of the compasses are pointing towards the Master.
On the SW pedestal - Celestial Globe Column (Laid down), Perfect Ashlar, Derrick and wooden Level.
On the JW pedestal - Terrestrial Globe Column (Raised), Rough Ashlar and wooden Plumb Rule.
Put up the Lodge Banner.
Place the Warrant on the shelf to south of the WM Pedestal. (The Warrant is should only be taken down for Installation)
Ensure that the box of Working Tools is beside WM's Chair.
Put out 3 Gavels and Blocks for the WM, SW and JW.
Check for, or put out, DC’s wand, ADC’s wand and the two Deacons’ wands. Are stands for the wands in the right position?
Place the Officers Collars on the right chairs (or where they are usually placed)
On the Tyler's Table: Sword, Summons, Master’s & Wardens collars and gauntlets.
Attendance signature book in place
Spare aprons including EA, FC, MM and PM.
Ceremony equipment.

If there is to be:-
1. A Lecture… An easel & pointer or a lectern may be required for the tracing board
2. A Ballot... A Ballot Box and black & white balls will be needed.
3. Initiation… Pair of slippers - Right Slipshod, Rope or cord to act as belt, Hoodwink, Cable-tow, extra Compasses at the WM's pedestal, Poniard with IG next to door. EA apron at WM’s pedestal
4. Passing… Pair of slippers - Left Slipshod, a Wooden Square for the WM’s pedestal and the one next to the door for the I.G., pointer for the 2nd degree Tracing Board, FC’s Apron at WM’s pedestal (or SW’s.)
5. Raising… Pair of slippers, the 3rd degree sheet, Compasses for the I.G. on stand next to door and a Heavy Maul, MM’s apron fitted to Candidate at SW’s pedestal.
6. Installation… WM’s or PM apron fitted to Master Elect, Collar & Jewel for the new IPM & IPM’s Breast Jewel for the outgoing Master. Make sure that all the Provincial Officers and PM’s are wearing their own collars under their Officers collar. Explain to them that they will be removing their Officers collar during the meeting and that they will be improperly dressed without their own collar on.

During the meeting
The Lodge locker is in the dining hall so make sure that all the equipment you may need during the meeting is upstairs with you. You might need aprons etc. if Brethren arrive late. Latecomers often need to be proved if the Tyler is to carry out his duties to the full.
If there is a ceremony, prepare yourself for the Candidate by having everything ready so that the Lodge is kept waiting the minimum amount of time while he is with you. Have the words for the ceremony and his name ready to read out. It is embarrassing if you forget or get your words wrong.
Before you let a Candidate back into the Lodge room, make sure that he is wearing an apron and he has practised his salutes. Your reputation is on the line if he goes back in and can’t salute correctly.
You should make sure that the Candidate does the correct Emulation salute. Remind him that the Lodge may have slight variations, but he should nevertheless know how to do the correct salute. The standard of a new Masons’ salutes will often start with you. Give candidates the right salutes to start with and they should carry them on throughout their Masonic career.
Be ready by looking through the spyhole for the end of the evenings work. When the DC instructs the procession to move off and the organist strikes up with the outgoing voluntary, the IG should be ready to open the door but make sure both doors are opened.
Be ready to collect the Officers collars as they come through the door. Time out of number an Officer has taken his collar home with him, leaving you to hunt for it.
As soon as the Lodge room is clear, put all of the kit away. Encourage Brethren to help, let them, but YOU put the kit back into the locker. That way, you should know if anything is missing.
Before you leave the room, double check to make sure nothing of the Lodge has been left behind. Check the pedestals (the WM and Wardens have a habit of leaving things behind) and clear any rubbish away, such as summonses and sweet papers.
If Brethren have left their copy of the Lodge accounts behind, collect them and give them to the Treasurer. These are documents that should not be left lying around as they are personal to the Lodge. Leave the Lodge room as you want to find it.
Remember, there may be another Lodge coming into the room after you for rehearsal etc. Don't expect your things to be in the same place that you left them.

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Created by Alan Otton, PPDepGSuptWks
Province of Hampshire & Isle Of Wight
The Prytaneion Lodge operates under the auspices of the Province of Hampshire & Isle of Wight.
United Grand Lodge of England
The Prytaneion Lodge is number 9340 in the register of the Grand Lodge of England.
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